Senior ALbum Promo for Website

How are your Senior Portrait Sales these days?

What if you could literally double your average sale overnight? You can, just add senior albums to your product line!

I know, easier said than done, right? Albums are expensive to produce, they take hours and hours of Photoshop, and everyone wants a disc anyway, right?

Wrong, Wrong, and WRONG!

Photography business veterans Bruce & Josh Hudson figured out a rock solid formula for adding profitable senior albums to their product mix and now pull in a $3000 average senior portrait sale! It can be done efficiently, cost effectively, and your clients will love them… and tell their friends!

This webinar will cover all aspects of marketing, shooting for, selling, and designing senior albums with profit, artistic fulfillment, and client joy in mind! This webinar will not only feature the marketing and sales aspect of who we sell these albums, but how Bruce photographs with the end album in mind during the session and how Amy, our designer, is able to crank out a one of kind unique art piece for our clients in hours! SERIOUSLY!

The webinar will cover in detail:

  • How to price albums for ala carte sales
  • How to price albums for collections
  • How to offer incentives for senior album upgrades from folios & packages
  • How to market the end product to the consumer and promote albums – Online, Social Media, Offline, etc!
  • How Bruce lays the ground work for the album in the consultation for the actual sale – Educate the client… no hard sells here!
  • How to get display albums for 50% off from your lab
  • What to display that will wow the client
  • How to photograph with variety with the album in mind
  • Multiple poses, locations, and really customizing the session
  • How Amy our designer cranks out albums in just a few hours,  maximizing your time and profit!
  • LIVE Photoshop Demo!
  • All this and more!

Purchase the webinar recording below for $67. The video files will be available for download and will be emailed directly to you! Once you have purchased the webinar, you’ll get an email with your files, enjoy!