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auction video filecharity auction sample formsCharity auction pdf

Don’t reinvent the wheel… use our exact playbook for charity auction marketing success!

Donating photography items to private schools and charity auctions can be extremely successful if done correctly, but most photographers are not doing enough to build their value and peek the interest of their perfect client. What are the secrets to making your donation the hit of the auction and how do you maximize all the sales possibilities? Trust me; there is a right and a wrong way to do them! We do over 70+ auctions a year with an over 90% retention and buy rate that hits or well exceeds our family portrait sales average, we’ve got a system in place that brings us massive amounts of revenue each year! And NO, we don’t accomplish this with a HUGE staff, it’s just JOSH!

We are excited to share our methods with you during this 1 hour long webinar recording and give you our complete PDF Guide, charity auction forms, and Josh will build you a BINDER as a bonus!!


I’ve seen the Hudson’s do a webinar like this before, it was fabulous! I have been trying to understand the art of donating photography to an auction and never really understood what I was doing wrong! Bruce and Josh showed me how to think smarter, finding other vendors to do the package with and showing off my work! I never thought about having a large portrait to “sell” the charity auction bidders nor think about getting the person’s info that won it. To sum it up it was well worth the $47 and I will continue to do his webinars. Josh was nice enough to send a package of what they do for charity auctions…wow! Thanks for helping me with my business!”  Lora Keyes – Ontario, Canada


What YOU Will Learn in Detail:

  • Who is your perfect client and why knowing this FIRST is important
  • Donating to auctions – An overview and WHY it works
  • Where do you start?
  • Choosing the right venue… It matters!
  • What to donate and why? Credit vs. Session & Size
  • Creating a “KILLER” presentation that has you standing out from other photographers (there will be 3 or 4, so this is a MUST)
  • The Ball is in YOUR court – Josh’s 3 point follow up system for success (all forms included!)
  • Five ways to guarantee your SUCCESS
  • All this and our COMPLETE Charity Auction Guide & Forms ($99 Value), why reinvent the wheel?
  • PLUS… Josh will custom make you a Auction Organizational Binder for FREE!

auction video filecharity auction sample formsCharity auction pdf

FREE BONUS: Josh will put together a Custom Auction Binder just for YOU! It will be set up EXACTLY the same way he has his in the studio! It’s time to get organized!

Charity Auction Binderr

We are not a huge studio, it’s just Bruce and Josh, and we have been using auction donations as an integral part of our marketing for over two decades. Through the years we have worked out all the bugs and the result is a well-oiled marketing machine that brings us our perfect client time and time again! Join Bruce and Josh as they share Charity Auctions Marketing and don’t waste time recreating the wheel… just copy us!


Click the button above to pay for the webinar recording. Once you’ve paid you’ll automatically get an email from Josh ( with links to download your webinar recording. Your charity auction guide and forms will also be attached for download and the binder will be mailed to you, thanks again!