Email Marketing 4 Photographers for page

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One of the most effective ways to get our photography business’s marketing message out is with email marketing! For over 15 years we’ve been using email marketing effectively at our studio. And still to this day email marketing gives us the biggest bang for our marketing bucks and the highest ROI of all of the marketing we do!

But it’s more than just sending an email to clients and prospects from time to time, there is an art, a science, and proven system behind it!

During this dynamic and “no fluff” webinar Bruce & Josh will cover:

  • How to Set Up Email Marketing
  • Tips for Building Your “List” & Organizing it!
  • Crafting a Monthly Enewsletter – Time is Money, STREAMLINE!
  • On-Demand Marketing Emails – Examples of our Most Successful Campaigns!
  • How to Track the Results & Follow Up with Prospects – Opens, Clicks
  • Adding an Opt In to Your Website & Lead Capture
  • How to Add Automation to Your Email Marketing Workflow
  • Tips for Effective Subject Lines – Get Your Email OPENED!
  • 10 Tips for Making This a Successful Marketing Endeavor

All This and the #1 MUST DO THING in Order to Make This Kind of Marketing Successful…

Some say email marketing is DEAD and that it doesn’t work. The haters are WRONG! Most photographers do it wrong… very wrong, we will teach you the RIGHT way to build your list, organize it, craft effective emails, and send emails that people actually want to read and take action on!