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Episode #12 3/24/14

This Episode Made Possible by


A big thanks goes out to Vzaar.com for making this episode possible! During this week’s episode we give you a little homework assignment to help you build a Perfect Client Profile! Don’t worry, you only have to do 4 things! We also bring you part 2 of the interview we started in Episode #5 with the amazing business mind of Ann Monteith! She covers the 3 things you need to know to set a business plan for you studio. And lastly we have a viewer question about using Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising effectively! Comment below!

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2 Responses to “Episode #12 3/24/14”

  1. bill goode says:

    Great show guys. Enjoyed it. You were talking about Facebook click ads. I just finished one. My daughter in law works in the ad department for Facebook down town and she gave me some of her credit to try for a couple of weeks. I used $250 toward a certain area of my market by selecting different zip codes. I wanted to try something different for Mother’s Day this year by helping the local pet alliance. Helping them get food. I did one email blast along with it.
    As of now I have collected 80 email address and booked 25 sessions for the month of April. I am collecting the addresses by using Leadpages.net and the address go into a mail chimp account once it is submitted. Then I send them a thanks for submitting and please call us to make your appointment. It has been a great turn out so far. Here is the link they see once they hit the Facebook page offer. As people start to bring in the food and the sessions start I will take some real time pics and post as it progresses.


    You guys rock talk soon…..

    • admin says:

      That is awesome Bill! Adding a charity to your promo is great, it’s one of the reasons why you are having success with it. Keep me posted, I would love to see the final results!

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