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Episode #21 6/2/14

This Episode Made Possible By

Graphic Authority

In this week’s episode: 5 Ways to Transition Your Studio to a More Profitable Model, an Interview with our Designer “Awesome” Amy About SR Album Design for Profit, and Josh Shares His Marketing Timeline for Day – Week – Month!

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6 Responses to “Episode #21 6/2/14”

  1. Tom Grainger says:

    Hi, hope you enjoyed your vacation in Disneyland. Thanks for a great session again. Another favor to ask. Could you email me your Designer Wall Decor, Gift sizes and Premium speciality products prices you briefly showed on your show. I think it was two pages. The other thing is how much do you sell your senior albums for? I know your busy but I do appreciate this. TOM

  2. Maybe I am off base here, but you calling small images “Gifts Sizes” eliminates the idea that someone could buy a gift size of 12×16/11×14, 16×20, 20×30, or even 30×40? Where will mom put this? In an album or on a wall? If the wall, an 8×10 and smaller goes best in an album or a tight hallway.

    Isn’t a better gift a wall portrait since that is what these gifts are typically trying to accomplish?

    • admin says:

      Not at all Jamison, success in this business is a moving target, we are always evolving! You actually make a lot sense! I told Bruce your comment and he said, “Yep, he’s right!” That’s actually one reason why we never suggest a size to a client, we’ll say something like, “Ok, so that’s a 30×40 for you guys, do we want to get anything for grandma?” Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying the show!

  3. Don Welk says:

    Hi all! I’ll try not to be so long winded with this request. To start out, thanks so much for helping out us small fish; I greatly look forward to each and every episode. This is in reference to episode #21, specifically Amy’s segment. I have great admiration for her skill and outcome with her album creation. I’m a fledgling in senior photography, but never did do the ‘$99 for a disk’ route, but instead have jumped right into profitability. I’m dying to create albums for seniors, but have much research to do. I’m quite adept at PS, so am looking forward to the creation stage. My main question for you is one of pricing/packaging for your seniors. You eluded to this in your episode, but it would be of tremendous benefit to me if you could divulge exactly how you’re doing your packaging–particularly the ‘dollar credit toward and album’ you had mentioned. Last year was my first year, and my carefully crafted packaging (a total of 3) just didn’t seem to grab like I thought it would. So…if there’s any way you could send any kind of pricing info/package structure that you’d give a senior client, it would help so very much. I’m transitioning from Sports photography (7 years as a second job with sports) to seniors in Fargo, ND. If you find a moment, you’re welcome to peruse my sports site: http://www.donwelksports.com , and I’m almost finished with my senior web site. Again, sorry for such a lengthy email–but you have my admiration for all you do (and I can’t wait to sit in on that pricing webinar that you mentioned in episode #22). Thanks kindly, Don

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