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Episode #5 2/3/2014

Episode #5 made possible by


Thanks Animoto for stepping up to sponsor this episode, we love using your slideshows! Learn more at www.animoto.com! In this episode we give you 3 tips for creating value for you and your products, we interview Ann Monteith and discover the one thing photographers do wrong when running their business, talk about websites during this weeks Marathon Marketing Moment, and take a question from you the viewers!

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10 Responses to “Episode #5 2/3/2014”

  1. Paul D'Aigle says:

    Great program…again! Thanks for having Ann this month. Hopefully, you’ll have more of her expertise in future weeks.

  2. I agree with the perceived value, my issue has been having clients wanting to buy the files (for almost no $$$ (in their mind their is no cost involved if no physical print made) so the can have their own Canvas Gallery wraps made at all of the sites selling them for $40 for a 16×20. Help would be appreciated.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great job guys! Congratulations to your Seahawks!….wish it had been the New England Pats though! I have a feeling the Seahawks defense would have crushed us too.
    Enjoyed the interview with Ann, always a wealth of good info.
    I’m going to take another look at my website.
    Thanks for the program.

  4. Ed Lyon says:

    I enjoyed the film segment very much;it represents the excellent quality that I expect from Bruce and Josh. I no longer photograph weddings for health concerns. I am,however, looking for other photographic businesses that I would enjoy and be profitable at the same time. I will explore educational materials that you create. By the way, congrats on the Super Bowel champs!!! Ed Lyon

  5. Tom Grainger says:

    I am in the process of changing labs. Presently I shoot a lot of sports, little leagues, football, soccer etc. This is my bread and butter. We expect to photograph 10-12,000 kids this year but are having a nightmare problem with our present lab. I will probably go with H&H for my lab. I am struggling with my web site. I want one that parents can go in and check out their child’s photo and order more products on line. One shoot of a league may include 50 teams. I’ve talked with Marathon and we both came to the conclusion that they are not set up for this type of business. Help!!!! Any suggestions? By the way I am really enjoying your show. Keep up the good work. TOM GRAINGER

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom! Oh man, H&H Color Lab has an amazing school and sports program, check them out and learn about their H&H Image Host. Call them and talk to Dave Drum, he’s a good buddy, just mention we sent you to him from the TV show :)

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