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One of the hardest jobs (tasks) for any photographer or studio owner is figuring out what to charge for your work. It would be easy if photography or any art form was a commodity, but it’s not! There is no universal price for an 8×10, nor do I think there should be one! The way you price your work determines everything about your business, especially your profit! Bruce and Josh Hudson with their combined 40+ years of studio experience come in handy during this jammed packed webinar as they share with you everything you need to know about effective, REAL LIFE pricing!

What is Covered:

  •     Our Pricing Evolution – Weddings were $185 for all day… yikes!
  •     High School Senior Portraits – Collections, Albums, and a $3000+ Average!
  •     Weddings- Packages vs. Ala Cart
  •     Family Pricing – 2 Tiered Systems for Selling Large Portraits
  •     Commercial Work – Photography, Video & Copyrights
  •     “My First Year” Baby Plan – Build Reoccurring Revenue
  •     Photography Classes – What to Charge?

Pricing doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be profitable. There is no magic formula or a one size fits all model!. Learn their secrets for pricing your photography that will boost your bank account!

Message from Past Attendee of this Webinar!

“Thanks for sharing the “total concept” on pricing and packaging with us tonight! From start to finish, it was nice to see how your pricing has evolved and how to effectively value your work in any market!” – Lisa Garner from The Woodlands, TX

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