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This sales kit is 4 of our most popular webinar recordings regarding marketing to the perfect client, creating images that work for wall portraiture, pricing your photography correctly, and selling LARGE wall décor to your clients via the in person sales process! It’s both an art and a science when it comes to attracting the RIGHT kind of clients who respect what you do and will gladly invest top dollar in portrait art!


This is NO BS, here is a concrete example from August 2016! A $22k order! Ok, so we do you have clients spend this all the time? I WISH! Our average family portrait sale is $3-5,000, not bad in itself, but with our sales kit you will give yourself the opportunity to have sales like this TOO!

You have to understand that not everyone sees photography as art and is willing to spend thousands of dollars on wall art of their family… but if you know where to look and how to reach the people who do, you’ll find there is a plethora of clients out there even in this digital obsessed world right in your own back yard!


(1) MARKETING – What’s YOUR Benefit if you Invest in this Sales Kit?

When it comes to marketing, you will learn how to identify the people who see wall portraits as art, how to effectively get in front of them, and where they are in YOUR market area!

There are 2 dedicated Marketing Wall Décor Resources Included in the Sales Kit:

  • Marketing with Charity Auctions – Targeting your perfect client and displaying what you want to sell! 1 Webinar Recording + FULL Charity Auction Guide with Forms!
  • SEO for Photographers – Learn how to get your photography business to the top of Google and expand your web presence with Search Engine Optimization Strategies that are spelled out in PLAIN ENGLISH! Also includes a 17 Page SEO Guide!



Great, you’ve got some people interested… now what? In order to sell wall décor you have to show your images LARGE via the in person sales projection sales! Bruce has been selling 30, 40, 50, even 60+ inch portraits for 30+ years. He’ll teach you our 5 Step Consultation and Projection Sales System! We will also show you our pricing and discuss Package vs. Ala Carte, how to to build incentives for larger sales, and more!

(2) SALES – What’s YOUR Benefit if You Invest in this Sales Kit?

You’ll learn a turnkey, proven, and easy system for educating your clients about wall décor via the consultation, how to create images designed to printed large, and how to effectively sell wall portraits in a fun, non “salesmany” way!

2 Pricing & Selling Wall Décor Resources Included with Sales Kit:

  • Pricing for Profit – Learn how to price large wall décor and incentivize larger sales with our 2 tiered pricing model! This includes a copy of our ACTUAL Price List too!
  • Creating & Selling Large Wall Décor – How to shoot to sell large and how to run our full proof Consultation and Projection Sales system! You actually learn how to design custom wall portraits for your client’s homes before the session! Talk about low pressure sales! Includes Consultation Guide + Consultation Form!




We want your 2017 to be your BEST YEAR EVER, take advantage of this Wall Décor Sales Kit and profit from your passion!

AND… as an added bonus, invest in this Sales Kit and you’ll also receive a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with us! We can talk pricing, your price list, answer your sales questions, you name it!!!