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Includes Webinar Recording  + 16 Page SEO Guide

What’s Covered During This 1 Hour Webinar Recording?

In today’s digitally driven world it is essential that your photography business be visible and searchable online! If your website is not showing up consistently on the first or second page of Google’s search results, you are irrelevant now days. No one can pay to be on the top of Google’s organic search results (so ignore those annoying cold calls you get) but with a little time and adding the right elements on your site you can show up consistently! Below are some simple, straight forward ways for getting your photo business’s website fully optimized and ready for Google domination, all of these points will be covered during this webinar on September 23rd! It really is as simple as Tell Google Who Are, What You Do, And Where You DO IT!

  • Knowing The Right Search Keywords & How to Find Them
  • Google Analytics – The Numbers MATTER
  • Keep It Simple – Don’t Try to “Trick” Google of Face Her WRATH!
  • Website Key Elements – Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, and More!
  • Backlinks – What Are They And Why You Need Them!
  • Crafting Copy (words on your site pages) That Are Rich With Search Keywords
  • Create Your Own Search Traffic With Multiple Niche Websites
  • Pay to Play – Google Pay Per Click Ads & How They Can Boost Your Organic SEO
  • HTML/Wordpress Sites vs. Flash
  • The Importance of Being Mobile Friendly & How to Add a Mobile Site
  • Reviews & Online Listing Sites
  • Adding Video & Why It’s Essential – Youtube and Beyond…
  • Your Social Media Footprint
  • Local Google Map Listing
  • AND… something that we have NEVER SHARED with the photography world before, it’s a little secret we’ve kept to ourselves, it’s the GOOGLE + SEO TRICK!

Josh’s wife Melissa literally works with Google on a daily basis… yes, the GOOGLE, the actual people who set the standards for SEO! She manages 1700+ search keywords on a daily basis and her company spends thousands a month on Google Pay Per Click advertising. Because of this SHE has a direct line to a Google rep in California! Over the years her connection has help our photography business put the correct SEO elements in place and we now dominate our market with a few of our sites!

I literally just Googled a highly competitive keyword and our city location, “senior portraits tukwila” and we come up #1 on the map listing and positions #1 & #2 on page one!


Hudson SEO ExampleIf you have struggled with where to even start building your online presence then this webinar is for you! All of the content will be in plain English and Josh will give you ACTUAL SCREEN CAPTURED examples of what you need to do to for success!

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