The Studio

Our main studio business (yes, we still run a full time photography business unlike many educators today) is located just south of Seattle, WA. In 2012 we actually celebrated our 30th year in business which we see as a huge accomplishment in any industry! But like any business we’ve evolved our brand and our business models to adapt to changing landscapes in the market place. Over the years we have “right sized” the business to cater to the unique needs of our clients and navigate the challenges brought on by the digital revolution in photography and a sluggish economy.

Our main brand, Hudson’s Portrait Design, specializes in large, custom family wall décor, commercial photography & video productions, wedding coverage and album design, and children’s photography. Check out our main studio website


Over the years we’ve found it effective to niche market to certain groups, high school seniors being one of them! We have a dedicated brand, website, and social media presence for just the high school seniors! Learn more at

hudson photography studio offers education workshops educational for professional photographers and amateur photographersA few years ago we started teaching basic photography classes out of our studio, a marketing strategy that quickly turned into a major revenue generator for our business! In 3 years we have had over 2,000 class attendees and many of them are returning now as high paying clients! Learn more at